Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How can I submit a review?

If you have completed a trip booked with an ADTO operator, you will receive an email afterwards with a request to submit a review and a link to the form. Please note that we cannot publish reviews that contain insults and/or untrue statements. Your review may only contain your own text and images.

2. I did not get a rating link, what can I do?

All organizers try to send the links to the rating promptly, but it can happen that in the hustle and bustle sometimes one is forgotten. You can request an individual rating link here.

3. Who can guarantee, that no fake reviews will be posted here?

We can. Because we are a community of interest, but still competitors. Therefore, there is a mutual control that prevents fakes.

4.Why are there no reviews here of trips made with operators, that are not members of ADTO?

Because in this case we cannot guarantee that the trip took place.
In the founding phase of the association, all (!) dive travel operators were invited to participate, as a result most operators finally found common ground in the ADTO, but some did not want to join.